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Experience the epitome of convenience and sophistication with FOG, the premier provider of premium vape vending machines. With our cutting-edge technology, we deliver more than just disposable vapes to high-end establishments such as restaurants, bars, office parks and residential estates. FOG offers a complete package, combining convenience, advertising opportunities, and top-quality products.

FOG’s state-of-the-art vending machines are not just your average dispensers. They are sleek, high-end units equipped with high-definition screens that open up a world of possibilities. Not only can customers effortlessly purchase their favourite disposable vapes without leaving your venue, but you can also seize the opportunity to run captivating advertising campaigns and messages on our stunning displays, engaging and delighting your patrons.


vision & mission

At FOG, our vision is to revolutionize the vape vending industry by providing premium vape vending machines to venues that combine convenience, high-end innovation, and captivating advertising opportunities. We strive to elevate the customer experience at high-end establishments, offering top-quality products, seamless transactions, and a zero-cost solution that benefits the venues. Through our commitment to excellence and strategic partnerships, we aim to be the leading provider of vape vending machines, setting new standards for convenience, sophistication, and profitability.

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Monthly Commission for Venues

We provide machinery, inventory, and offer commissions

Brands can leverage our vending machine screens for advertising opportunities across our venues. For inquiries, please reach out.